Types Of Swimming Goggles Available In The Market

There are millions of people going to the beach or pool for a swim regularly all over the world. And when it comes to swimming, most people use swimming goggles in order to have a safe and amazing underwater experience. With so many people using swimming goggles, manufacturers also developed and distributed all kinds of swimming goggles in the market. And here are the types of swimming goggles available in the market.

1.            Gasket - Gasket is the traditional swimming gear . There is a gasket made of either a silicone or foam where silicone based gasket swimming goggles are more popular. As the most popular swimming goggles in the market, there are all kinds of designs, sizes and color for this type of swimming goggles.

2.            Prescription - Prescription swimming goggles are especially developed for those with eye problems. This type of swimming goggles is usually available in an eye clinic as the user must be provided with the right lens to have a normal vision underwater. It is almost impossible to find this type of swimming goggles distributed in stores or malls.

3.            Swedish - Swedish swimming goggles do not have gasket. This type of swimming goggles is designed to perfectly fit unto the eye socket. Most professional swimmers are now using this type of swimming goggles as it can improve their swimming performance by having a lower water drag compared to other swimming goggles. The only issue is that imprint will be left behind after use.

4.            Swimming masks - Swimming mask is much larger and more comfortable to use according to a lot of people. The swimming mask covers half of the face while some can cover the whole face and provides a larger lens area. This allows the swimmer to see better underwater. Kids would often choose this type of swimming goggles.

5.            Tinted - Tinted swimming goggles can effective protect the eye from UV radiation. This is perfect for outdoor swimming activities during summer. However, it is hard to see if there is no sufficient lighting in the area.

There are the 5 basic types of swimming goggles. Each type has thousands of different designs, colors and lens used. You do not have to worry about not finding the best swimming goggles as you have thousands of swimming goggles to choose from. Just make sure that the swimming goggles you purchase is the right one for your situation. Now which type of swimming goggles do you like best?